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   ↪ "I’m going to kill them all. That ought to distract them."

She is the Slayer.

"So? You found it. Not impressed. Because the question now, girly girl is: Can you pry that out of solid rock before…"

27 Jan 2014
Buffy Meme: 9 Characters (7/9) | Caleb

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15 Dec 2013


BtVS Rewatch 2012-2013One Gifset Per Episode
➞ 7x22 - Chosen

"So here’s the part where you make a choice. What if you could have that power, now? In every generation, one Slayer is born, because a bunch of men who died thousands of years ago made up that rule. They were powerful men. [Points to Willow] This woman, is more powerful than all of them combined. So I say we change the rule. I say my power… should be our power. Tomorrow, Willow will use the essence of the Scythe to change our destiny. From now on, every girl in the world who might be a Slayer, will be a Slayer. Every girl who could have the power, will have the power, can stand up, will stand up. Slayers… every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?"

You can look it up later.

-Zoe Washburne

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