“Fine, go. Leave me to stew in my impotent rage. Also, I’m going to pee so you should probably go.”

— Anya


BTVS Favourite Moment: One Per Episode | First Date

↳Season 7 Episode 14


A lovestruck Romeo,

Sing the streets a serenade.

Laying everybody low,

With a love song that he made.

You find a streetlight,

Steps out of the shade,

Says something like:

"You and me, babe,

How about it?”

27 Dec 2013

Spike: It talked to the little boy. Said it wasn’t time for me yet. I should move out. Leave town before it is time for me.

Buffy: No, you have to stay.

Spike: You’ve got another demon fighter now.

Buffy: That’s not why I need you here.

Spike: Is that right? Why’s that then?

Buffy: ‘Cause I’m not ready for you to not be here.

21 Dec 2013

Andrew Wells vs. The First — 7x16 “The Storyteller” & 7x14 “The First Date”

Additionally, his scene with Anya in End of Days 7.21 regarding the ointment can be considered part of this dialogue.

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