day 06: favourite non-romatic pairing: Willow & Giles

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I agree^^

I also like that the dynamics of the relationship. Because they always should have gotten on well. At the start of the show, they were so unbelievably similar. They had very similar bookish qualities, but also very tight moral compasses. They also both had forays into really terrible magicks that almost destroyed their lives, as a result of being so tightly wound, and being allowed to unwind.

But their lives were kind of opposites. Giles was wild and treacherous early in his life, and realized that this path could lead to no good. He turned himself into the tight-moral-compass guy. Willow was the moral-compass guy early in her life, and was then allowed to unwind later. 

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Shrimp Worlds

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favourite buffy x tara moments

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Tara & Confidence, season 6

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Tara & Confidence, seasons 4 & 5.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - First and Last lines

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 6.04 

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