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"I know there’s been a lot of loss."
"Yeah, kinda…I mean yes. People keep…people have a tendency to go away. And I miss them.

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top ten buffyverse ships (as voted by my followers)

#5: Xander Harris and Anya Jenkins

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Whedonverse Appreciation: Buffy Summers Appreciation Month 

3/5 relationships/friendships- Buffy & Willow

↪ "Chocolate means nothing to me.”


Anonymous asked me: Charmed or Buffy?

Sunnydale. Come for the food, stay for the dismemberment.”

buffy the vampire slayer appreciation week

→ day one: favorite character

Look how dead Buffy’s eyes are (especially in the first few panels). Out of everything that happened, especially in the sixth season, I’m not sure anything has killed her the way this kills her.